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Bangkok Station

About us


Welcome to Bangkok Station Restaurant, A hi-end casual dining and Thai artisan-focused restaurant serving authentic, heirloom Thai method and recipes, in an elegant setting reminiscent of the Thai cuisine history.

Nithidol Nithitanawut or Chef Terry is the chef-owner and founder of Bangkok Station Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. He began cooking at an early age, helping his mother prepare traditional Thai foods for her merit to the temple every Sunday morning. In 1999, He and his mother launched the acclaimed Thai restaurant ‘Bann-Khun-Mae’, and Chef Terry began to cook in a professional kitchen.

After the births of his second son, Chef Terry dreamed of bringing their sense of family business experience to the United States. Since Chef Terry’s sister had long lived in Atlanta and they had been impressed by the charm of the city during their visits here, this seemed like the perfect place to begin.

Since 1999

His understanding of food is shaped by the environment he lived in, and he was blessed to have learned so much from the rich tapestry of Thai culture. There are several essential factors when creating a truly exceptional and memorable dining experience. In Thai culture, these elements are warm and caring hospitality, impeccably balanced seasoning and the freshest and most premium ingredients so he wanted to bring all of the essential senses of Thai culture here in Atlanta.

The Thai proverb, ‘There are fish in the water and rice in the fields’, gains its significance from Thailand’s rich agricultural heritage and royal heritage and legacy of the Kingdom of Thailand. It emphasizes the fertility of the land and the strong bond that Thai people have with the land and to Khao (rice), which is the staple food of Thailand and the backbone of Thai agriculture throughout our colorful history.

This ancient saying speaks to the abundance of fish and rice in Thailand to the cultivation and harvest of all types of produce, herbs, and spices that have given birth and life to the concept and cuisine of Bangkok Station Restaurant. It also represents the global popularity of Thai food alongside the unique and exquisite beauty of Thai art and culture, passed down from generation to generation.

At Bangkok Station

we contribute to the preservation of Thailand’s rich cultural heritage through extolling the virtues of the art and practice of Thai cooking and supporting artisan craftwork in the production of exquisite traditional Thai ceramics.

Every dish that appears in front of our customers has not only been carefully prepared by our experiences and skills but is also served in a beautiful, ceramic dish or bowl that we imported from Thailand.

Our dining experience is designed to showcase the sheer wealth and abundance of the flavors, textures, and colors of our food. Our guests will experience a variety of authentic Thai food as we present our dishes in Thailand. We serve two options of either the “Authentic Thai Food”, reflecting the dishes Thai people would eat, and the “Amazing classic Japanese sushi bar”, inspired by our talented and skillful chef. The meticulous amount of attention to every detail – from the carefully selected ingredients in our thoughtfully composed menus to the picture-perfect presentation of your truly authentic meal – is a testament to our commitment to provide you with an original and memorable dining experience in an exquisite setting that serves to heighten the dining experience. The service, setting, tableware, and menu all combine to deliver a dining experience that is found in no other restaurant in the world. ​

From your plate to your palate, we wish to pass on to our diners the history and excitement of real Thai cooking. As we see the surprise and smiles on the faces of our diners from the moment they enter until their very last bite at Bangkok Station, we know we have achieved our goal. Come and experience the historical and culinary journey of Thai cuisine at Bangkok Station Restaurant. We are committed to the sourcing and selection of the freshest and finest locally produced ingredients, the skillful, yet subtle art of seasoning, and stellar service – all that embodies the essence and wisdom of Thai Cuisine.

This is nowhere the beginning of the journey of Atlanta’s most authentic Thai cuisine, ‘Bangkok Station Restaurant’